Wait, what?

Yeah! Sorry if I didn't explain this to you personally. Last semester, I won one of the inaugural University of Michigan Bonderman Traveling Fellowships. The Fellowship allows its winners to go wherever for eight months, and we have no formal educational or work-related responsibilities. It's just about going out there and learning.

So, between June, 2014 and sometime March(?), 2015, I will be traveling to at least 6 countries in 2 regions of the world. It's not really a vacation I'm going on, and one rule of the Fellowship is that we may not return to the United States. I'll miss family events, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth, and many, many birthdays. That'll be tough - especially since I'll be in places with few people like me.

So, I am starting this blog to stay in touch - both to make it easy to find out what I am learning, but also so that I can hear from you. I'll have my contact info and the best way to get in touch with me (it may change) up here, and I'll be hoping to hear from you.

More on The Bonderman Traveling Fellowship

More info on the Fellowship can be found at their website here, but I thought I would put some more information together below.

And here are links to the other three who are all interesting and exciting people:

Ashline Hermiz

Erin Busbee

Tyler Mesman

Together, we will be spending significant amounts of time in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Bonderman Fellows will engage with cultures, people, and areas of the world with which they are not familiar, giving them a new global outlook on life. Fellows make their own travel itineraries and explore the world independently. Since this is meant to be an individual experience, Bonderman Fellows cannot engage in formal study at a foreign university, conduct research, or travel with a guest or organized group for longer than ten days.
— The UM Bonderman Fellowship Committee