Welcome to my Travel Blog!

This week I am beginning a long tip. Over the next 8 months, I will go to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and China, all with the goal of trying to figure out what it's like to be from these places. I'm out here to challenge myself and to grow from that challenge. To better understand people in the United States who feel out of place, I am trying to feel out of place too - and I have gotten some of that already for sure. 

A side street in Lima coming out of the historic city center into  a more run down neighborhood. 

A side street in Lima coming out of the historic city center into  a more run down neighborhood. 

Three days in, I have already struggled and grown. My trip has had hard parts and good parts for sure. But I am getting the real experience of what it is like to be an outsider, something a white, male, blue-eyed blonde does not frequently get in the United States, and it's a goal of mine to get just that. And the support that I get from friends and family has made a big difference in preparing me for this. 

My goal for this blog is to make it useful for you, so I will be mainly focusing on the things I am learning. Mixed in with that will be a healthy dose of my stories from the road, and I already have some of those (unfortunately and fortunately). 

But I am not going to try to hard to find meaning where there are scraps. If I am either unable to learn something from an experience or there simply is nothing to be learned, I won't make anything up. If I am unsuccessful somewhere, I'll share that experience and what I and others can learn from that. 



There are things that I hope to learn, but it's what I don't even know to hope to learn that excites me the most. And the experience of being alone abroad for only a few days has allowed me to better respect those who have come to the United States. 

Anyhow, welcome to my blog, and thanks for coming. This is a group project, which means that I have been really interested in hearing what readers are curious about. Wether it's the religion or food or whatever, your interests drive mine, so feel free to let me know what you want to know. I'm here to learn as much as I can. It will be fun and it will be hard and it'll be a long 8 months, so I'm glad you're reading my blog and I hope you'll stay around.